Is there any way to remember features of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa?

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Exams are near and I don't have time to study. I want to be able to atleast write a short notes. Thank you.

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Use the mnemonics "P. AERUGINOSA"

P: Phospholipase C, Pigments (pyocyanin, pyoverdin, fluorescin)
A: Aerobic
E: Exotoxin A, Exotoxin S, Elastase, Endotoxin
R: Rod, Resistance, Recurrent pneumonia
U: Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
G: Green-blue pigment, Grape like odor
I: Iron containing lesion
N: Negative gram, Non lactose fermenter, Nosocomial infections
O: Oxidase positive
S: Slime capsule
A: Adherin Pilli

This includes morphologic features, pathogenic determinants, some clinical diseases and lab diagnosis features. Go through the textbook once and then use this to recall the features.

answered Jun 4, 2012 by Sulabh Shrestha Doctor of Medicine (5,553 points)
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