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If you have an exam in 1 month, 30 days
6 subjects to revise and study.
How do I create an effective routine for exam preparation?

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In my experience, there are 2 ways you can set your routine according to your study style. Some students study chapters slowly and steadily but once they read, they wouldn't need much revision (Winning turtles).

The other type of students are quick to go through chapters, memorize less but due to their speed, they are capable of reading same thing several times. Thus, are better at memorizing, cool and more confident (Smart rabbits).

The third type are the intermediates who always are at trouble because speed is not quick enough for several readings and are unable to memorize things in 1-2 readings. The average people are always at trouble and who need lot of guidance and also constitute the largest proportion of students.

**How to create an effective routine for exam just before 30 days?**
If you are planning to start reading from today, it's almost impossible to prepare for exam until you are a genius.
Read [day to day preparation for MBBS][1]

For Final preparation,
Devise the time according to subjects.
As usually all subjects are equally important-

18 days divide by 6 = 3 days per subject ( remember: this is revision time, by this time you should already have read subjects before hand )
 Keep 2 days spare to cover any remainders and for other losses.

Daily study time should be around

 - Divide as 6 am - 8 am - teabreak- 9:00- 12:30- lunch and rest- 2:-4 -
   Tea - 5pm- 8pm-Dinner and rest, TV.- 9 pm to not later than 12. 12-6    sleep According to your needs take breaks and naps in between.
- Sleep atleast 6 hrs at night and 1-2hrs in day
- Take a regular healthy diet  Exercise in morning if possible . An    illness at this  period can be  costly, so don't eat outside if    possible.

Now 2nd revision must be fast
take 7 days for quick review of 5 chapters
Keep last 3-4 days for the 1st subject exam. A good performance is 1st exam will boost your morale.

[Tips for exam preparation at last week][2]

Best of Luck

  [1]: http://medchrome.com/basic-science/mbbs-basic-science-study-guide-and-tips-daily-study-plan/
  [2]: http://medchrome.com/basic-science/mbbs-examination-preparation-tips-just-before-exam/

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