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Hi, men!
So, my mother just got over a sickness. I believe it had been the influenza, but I usually do not understand.
She had the runs when she ate, diarrhoea, temperature, head ache, sore throat and scratchy voice.
Influenza, right?
And I determined I would not obtain it because I have experienced so many kinds of flus, and I did not get yourself a flu shot and neither did she but I am freaking out because I simply went ot the bathroom and nothing that occurred in the bathroom was normal. That is all I can say, but I can PERHAPS not get ill.
Please help...
Although I did not believe I had obtain it, I kept my distance from her, washed my hands as frequently as you possibly can and took every precaution so that I would not get sick just in case I could easily get her illness, and if what occurred in the toilet is really a signal that I have what she had, HELP ME NOT GET ANY MORE SICK SO THAT I DON'T GET WORSE IF I GET SICK PEOPLE WILL KILL ME. PLEASE HELP!
I am this type of germaphobe, I simply can not get sick. Not only do I not want to get sick but I am going to miss work, and my grades are going to go down in one single class and I will have to allow it to be up and I will possibly fail that class because I suck at that class and have a 62% and if I fail I can not be in the school play and I really want to and also on Thursday I am taking home the computer baby for health/sex ed to show children how to manage a baby and adolescent pregnancy and such and I will be up through the night and if I am sick I need to sleep and the baby's not gonna help and please because clearly poor things are going to take place if I get sick and this is just a really long sentence.
Sorry I am really bad with becoming ill and I REALLY do not need to get sick (clearly).
Thanks, men

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It seems such as the influenza in my experience. You sound okay in my experience, simply keep your distance for perhaps a week or two. Usually do not share ANY such thing with her. What I am talking about by that is do not drink from the same cup, do not make use of the same health by design, not even the same soap bar an shower puff, nothing. And keep washing the hands frequently. You will be just great. Oh of course, if you might be concerned about the flu then get yourself a flu shot. Good luck

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