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Prognosis of ALL is determined by many factors.
What are good and bad prognostic markers in Leukemia- ALL

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The prognostic factors for ALL are-

**The most important prognostic factors are-**
1. Age at presentation
2. Initial leukocyte count and
3. Early response to therapy

Bad Prognostic factors are- High risk group
1. Age <1 yr and >10 yrs
2. Male gender
3. Leukocyte count > 50,000/cumm
4. T cell type
5. Mediastinal or bulky tumor
6. CNS involvement
7. Hypoploidy
8. MLL gene translocation
9..t(9:22)- Philadelphia gene translocation
10. Poor response to initial chemotherapy
11. Relapse

Good prosgnostic are-
Age 1-10 yrs, Female, B cell , Leukocyte <50,000 with good response to therapy, and hyperploidy.

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ALL treatment is risk-based approach. High risk and standard risk cases are recognized.
Chemothepary is based on these prognostiv factors.
Bcr-abl + ve, t cell and hypoploidy are given more intensive chemotherapy.

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