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health indicators in community diagnosis

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Indicators of health are variables used for the assessment of community health.

**Characteristics of Indicators: **

a. should be valid, i.e., they should actually measure what they are valid, supposed to measure

b. should be reliable and objective, i.e., the answers should be the same if measured by different people in similar circumstances

c. should be sensitive, i.e., they should be sensitive to changes in sensitive, the situation concerned

d. should be specific, i.e., they should reflect changes only in the specific, situation concerned

e. should be feasible, i.e., they should have the ability to obtain data feasible, needed

f. should be relevant, i.e., they should contribute to the relevant, understanding of the phenomenon of interest.

**Mortality indicators**

Crude death rate
Life expectancy
Infant mortality rate
Maternal mortality rate
Proportional mortality rate

**Morbidity indicators**


**Disability indicators**

Disability adjusted life years (DALY)
Others: Activities of daily living (ADL), Musculoskeletal disability (MSD) score etc.

**Nutritional indicators**

Proportion of low birth weight
Prevalence of anaemia
Proportion of overweight individuals
Nutritional intake assessments

**Social and mental health indicators**

Alcohol related indicators
Injury rates

**Health system indicators**

Healthcare delivery related
Health policy indicators

**Health Determinant**

Smoking habits
alcohol consumption habits
Physical exercise habits

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