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hye! iam a third year mbbs student i feel to much difficulty in doing study phrmacology i forgot the drugs name even then how can i become a gud doctor in my college to study pharmacology duration is one year.

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You need to develop basic concepts in pharmacology. It is not possible to remember everything as a medical student. Learn the classification, mechanism of action of drugs and the basis of their use in various conditions. Also learn some important drug interactions. 1 year is good enough to complete studying the subject. Revise the subject matter frequently.
thanks alot
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medical studies are so tough as we all know.you need to do conceptual studies.if your basic concepts of pharmacology  is clear then you need not worry to much.it is not possible for a human being to learn everything which is written in books .you can do 1 thing,write important & basic drugs name,their uses in various conditions,their classification ,its mechanism ,their interaction on a paper & learn these drugs name daily 1 hour in the morning.concentrate in class when  the teacher gives lecture on drugs & their uses..you are in 3 year means you clear 2 year of mbbs.in my view,you have a capacity to become a good pharmacologist in future.1 year timing is good enough to study pharmacology.
best of luck.
thanks alot can i contact you through anyother easyway
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