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I've had a throat infection before and I went to the doctors about it and they gave me antibiotics which I didn't use and it went away by itself and then it came back another 2 times but I didn't take them because again it went away but this time it seems to not be going and I've started taking the antibiotics because it looks like it's spreading to the other side and on the back wall of my mouth but I have no server symptoms like can't open mouth or talk and drooling etc. I just have a sore throat
There is not much pain
No swelling
Just looks like tonsillitis on one side
Which looks like it is spreading
There is also some on the back wall of my mouth
Started taking antibiotics
Not sure what it is
Please help

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There are cases of Chronic tonsillitis and pharyngitis in which the throat may appear congested, tonsils may appear large and the post wall may become granular. Symptoms can be hacking, throat irritation to pain and difficulty swallowing.
I suggest you to get a good medical help, specially from an ENT doctor if the thing is bothering you repeatedly.
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