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Deep vein thrombosis in the presence of Atrial septal defect can lead to paradoxical embolism which can result is stroke.
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Venous thrombus --> Right atrium --> ASD --> Left atrium --> Left ventricle --> Aorta --> Systemic circulation

This is paradoxical embolism and it can lead to stroke.
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In many cases, heart disease such as septal defects and patent foramen ovale are the potential causes of stroke. This condition happens, when the arteries to your brain are narrowed or blocked and blood does not reach your brain properly.
 If you are facing any symptoms of heart disease, then you should talk to your doctor or you can consult online with expertise of this field at a good clinic like www.Justsavelives.com and get some good helpful advice.
Since,  Within just a few minutes of a stroke, brain tissue begins to die, therefore before the condition gets critical, it is important to have the best possible treatment for it.
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