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I have a problem with head shaking and tension in neck. It happens in some social situations. When I'm alone I mostly don't have this problem and if I have, it's only mild. It concerns situations, when others can see me shaking, for example in a bus, at the bus stop, in the bank. It takes lot of effort and tension to prevent the shaking. Problem is only if I'm motionless. When I move, the tension releases.

Possible causes:
- Everyday sitting behind the computer at work
- Sensible nerves and therefore greater tendency to stress and tension
- Frustration from life due to social isolation and social awkwardness

What I've tried:
- Exercising yoga specilized on back pain (almost daily). It helps the most.
- Exercising at work, daily. It helps to release tension that worsens the shaking problem.
- Jogging. Helps to loosen up.
- Cognitive behavioral therapy against social anxiety. It helped significantly to reduce social stress and thus the bodily tension.
- Vertebrologist. Didn't find anything substantial. Recommended rehabilitation, but the effect was mild and temporary.
- Neurologist. Didn't find anything new (she already knows about my sensible nerves) and recomended yoga and exercising.
- Psychiatrist. Diagnosed anxiety disorder. I take the meds and it's a bit better with shaking.
- Mental attitudes like "I can shake as much as I want"
- Ergonomic chair. Didn't help much,

Do you know what to do with this? It already lasts several years and it greatly limits my life.

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I think maybe you are suffering from social anxiety disorder.some people with social anxiety experience neck shakes..i hope i can help you
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Im having the  same problem...someon help me to get rid of it
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Hi. I am sugan, I have de same problem for more than 10 years.. pls help me to come back to normal life

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