can average student do well in mbbs??

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I am going to join Nepal Medical College (NMC) very soon. I was an average student through out my School and 10+2.. In SLC i got 76% and in 12 i got 68%. My father wants me to get enrolled in mbbs. I am also willing to take mbbs.. But I have doubt that can average students like me can do well in mbbs???
How much hours daily should I study?? Actually I cant study for long hours... and It takes more time for me to mugg up the things than my friends..

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Studies is not maximum hours and give whole day to your books, it’s all about to dedication. You would have to study if you really want to study. First check the qualification criteria for MBBS , if you are eligible then ask yourself that you want to be a doctor or not because if you have faith in you then anything can happen. Your dedication is only source to get success in life. Don’t think about your father just do whatever you want to do.

answered Nov 1, 2013 by anonymous