What medication can I take for seasonal allergies if I am pregnant?

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I have seasonal allergies and I am misrable. I would like to take something, but my highest priority is a healthy pregnancy and birth.

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As a general rule, avoid taking any medication during pregnancy unless there's a clear clinical need. Always check with your GP, pharmacist or midwife before taking any medication. If you're pregnant and feel that you need antihistamines, or you're advised to take them by your GP, loratadine or chlorphenamine are the antihistamines that considered the safest to use. However, chlorphenamine is a first-generation antihistamine, so it may make you feel drowsy. If you can't take loratadine or chlorphenamine, your GP may recommend another oral antihistamine called cetirizine. Cetirizine is also considered safe to use during pregnancy.

answered Jul 26, 2012 by Sulabh Shrestha Doctor of Medicine (5,553 points)