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Community health diagnosis for public health students.

What are the community health diagnosis approaches used elsewhere?

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**1) PERSUASIVE APPROACH:** The presuasive approach implies convincing people through dialogue and educate them to change or modify their health behaviour.

**2) ENFORCEMENT:** The enforcement implies the use of more coercive measures such as use of legislation e.g. prohibition of drug abuse ,child abuse, immunization as a condition to school admission etc. and the use of authority e.g. giving strict instructions or orders to do certain things especially when it is a question of life and death during emergency situations such as child labor, acute bronchopneumonia etc.

**3)TEAM APPROACH:** Community health is a problem solving process and a team approach is very necessary to deal with varied and complex health needs & problems at large. It is just not possible for any one profession or discipline to provide such care.

**4) COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT:** Health of the individuals living in a defined community is not only their "right' but also their "responsibility" to take care of their own health & also of the community at large. Without people's help ,participation or cooperation, it is neither possible to make health care services accessible & acceptable to them nor it is feasible to achieve community health goals and aims.

**5) INTERSECTORIAL APPROACH:** Health of people at large cannot be attained by health sector alone because there are many factors which affect people's health but they are not under the purview of the health sector e.g food production and distribution,water,sanitation,housing,environmental protection and education etc.each one is dealt by separate sector and socio-economic development & health. It is felt necessary to have proper coordination between the health & all other sectors concerned at all levels.

**6) EPIDEMIOLOGICAL APPROACH:** Epidemiological analysis & measurement allow researchers to measure health status & measurement of disease occurrences in a population. Surveillance of disease yields epidemiological intelligence data by providing systematic count of disease frequency.these data can be in turn used to estimate the magnitude of health problems in the community,detect epidemics & understand natural history of a disease or detect potential emerging infectious disease threats.
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