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A heat snap occurred here about two weeks ago. I was fine, drank LOTS and LOTS of water and Powerade/Gatorade. I was in the heat a lot, but drank enough or so I thought anyways... After four days of this heat wave, I was outside and started feeling very ill (couldn't get enough water, upset stomach, crampy legs, dry elbows-SUPER blotchy looking...) when I came inside, I took my temp and it was 102 degrees.

Having some training, I realized that this was a heat related illness. So, I continued drinking more water... Ran cool/tepid water over my head, stripped down, went into an air conditioned room and ran a fan over me amongst other things...

I felt better the next morning but had to be in the heat that day... I wasn't out in it very long before I started feeling ill again... After a few days of this, I went to the walk-in clinic as my Doc. was not able to see me. I wasn't able to handle the heat anymore and felt EXTREMELY exhausted!!

The Dr. said that I had suffered from acute dehydration, that it was probably caused from my cardiac meds and to keep drinking the Gatorade and stay in the ac for a few days and that I would get better. I did that.

After the allotted time indoors (and I felt better!) I started going back outside for short periods of time (ie 10mins)then back inside to cool off. (I was and still am drinking the Gatorade, water and PowerAde.) I was doing alright with the short jaunts in and out of the heat. It felt like I was getting reaccustomed to the heat.

However, last night I was outside for about 15 mins and started feeling quite ill again?! Same thing all over again. AUGH!! Today is not much better either! And again my own Dr can't see me?!

I am an outdoorsy person, I can't stay "couped" up like this forever!! If this is what life is going to be like then I'll stop taking my ALL my meds!

My question is this:

Am I EVER going to get better?? Will I ever be normal again? Is there anything I can do to get through this without keeping me like the "Boy in the Plastic Bubble"??

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