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I am a 26 years guy from Israel. I have problem of recurrent mouth ulcers that are painful and occurs round the year, may be 7-8 times this year. The ulcer looks whitish with red halo around it and are present over lower lips. I am completely health and have no other problems.
Do I need to get a test for Immune status?
What is the problem and how can I get rid of it?

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Recurrent mouth ulcers can be caused by various things-
1. Trauma- an ill fitting denture or recurrent cheek bite.
2. Aphthous ulcers- recurrent
3. Recurrent herpes
4. Herpangina
5. Auto immune diseases- Bechets, SLE
6. Vitamin/mineral deficiencies

If rest of you health is good, it should not be a big problem like HIV.

Remove any traumatic cause if present. Maintain oral hygiene.
Change you tooth brush to new and softer one.
For pain you can use anesthetic-antibiotic gels.

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