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What is a day like, in the life of a resident in nepal?

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It Really depends upon the Subject and Institute you will be pursuing your Degree.

Expect a Cool Residency with lot of free time in - Basic Science, Pathology, Biochemistry.
+ lot of field visits and trips in Community Medicine.

No night duties - In Dermatology

Less hectic duties in Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, ENT

Hectic Schedule in Surgery, Medicine, Pediatrics and Obstetrics

A day,
Starts with Attending patients in the Ward, Writing morning notes and progresses and sending samples and preparing for Rounds.

Morning conference with the Teachers
Morning presentation - daily or few per week

Academic Rounds and OPDs, OTs on OT days
Follow Round decisions and instructions

Afternoon class
Evening rounds
Handover to On duty

Free if no duty,
If Night Duty, Manage cases and admission at night.

and Continues next day.

Saturday will be Holiday, but may need to attend rounds and will hae duty on some saturdays.

1st year will be Hectic
3rd year will be less work and more study
2nd year usually have thesis

Thats as per Institute of Medicine.
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