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Can anyone explain to me in flowcharts?

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dumping syndrome is a group of symptoms that are most likely to develop if you have had surgery to remove all or part of your stomach, or if your stomach has been surgically bypassed to help lose weight. it is Also called rapid gastric emptying, it occurs when the undigested contents of your stomach move too rapidly into your small bowel. Common symptoms include abdominal cramps, nausea and diarrhea.

Most people with dumping syndrome experience symptoms soon after eating. In others, symptoms may occur within 1-3 hours after eating. Some people experience both early and late symptoms.

Dumping syndrome is managed by adjusting your diet. In more-serious cases of dumping syndrome, you may need medications or surgery.
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Dumping syndrome, also known as rapid gastric emptying is a condition in which ingested foods bypass the stomach too rapidly and enter the small intestine largely undigested. It happens when the upper end of the small intestine expands too quickly due to the presence of hyperosmolar (substances with increased osmolarity) food from the stomach.
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Eithan is right. Here is a simple flowchart for you:

Gastrectomy --> Direct entry of hypertonic food into intestine --> Water drawn from blood rapidly into gut --> Hypotension

Gastrectomy --> Rapid glucose absorption from small intestine --> Hyperglycemia --> Secretion of excess insulin --> Hypoglycemia

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