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Aerospace medicine concerns the determination and maintenance of the health, safety, and performance of persons involved in air and space travel. The environments of space and aviation provide significant challenges, such as microgravity, radiation exposure, G-forces, emergency ejection injuries, and hypoxic conditions, for those embarking in their exploration.

Its a 3 years PG course and taught in Institute of Aerospace Medicine (IAM), Bangalore, India. They provide 17 seats. The courses are available abroad as well. You can do some searching in the google to find more about them. You have to study about physics, aerodynamics, aeronautical engineering, space and high altitude physiology, clinical medicine, psychology and medical administration.

The admission is based on an all India written entrance examination (Multiple Choice type) followed by an interview for selected candidates, separately for Civil/Military candidates.

**Minimum Qualifications required:**

MBBS with minimum 55% marks.
Registration with State Medical Council.
Advertisement in respect of the admission will be published in all national newspapers in English, Hindi and the local language, Kannada.

**Source:** rxpgonline.com

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