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Neuralgic amyotrophy (NA) is characterized by attacks of neuropathic pain and subsequent patchy paresis in the upper extremities. It can occur in Idiopathic form (Parsonage-Turner Syndrome) or Hereditary form (Autosomal dominant inheritance). Average time between the presentation and diagnosis is found to be about 10 months. This shows that the disease is commonly misdiagnosed. The common presentation of the disease are: Pain, Onset of night, Unilateral invovlement (more often right). Commonly, NA involves upper and/or middle plexus but involvement of whole plexus is not uncommon. Males are more commonly involved than female. Predisposing factors that are thought to have role are infection, exercise, surgery, peripartum, vaccination, stress, trauma, etc. NSAID with opiates have been found to provide the best results in this condition for pain managment. The condition resolves spontaneously on its own.

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