I just injected myself by used needle in a safety box in a hospital

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So my question is shall I do test for HIV or Hbv
When ?!
Iam so stressed out from contamination
Today Iam gonna receive hbv vaccine ...

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Do you have the serology reports of the patient or is the status of blood unknown?
If possible, perform serologic testing for HBV, HCV and HIV in the source person after taking his/her consent.You need to perform following investigations as an exposed person:

  1. Antibody to HBV, HCV and HIV
  2. Liver function testing (i.e. ALT if prophylaxis is being offered for HIV)
  3. Repeat HIV serology at 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months (if baseline testing at time
    of exposure is negative)
  4. Repeat HCV and HBV testing at 3 months and 6 months if negative at baseline.
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Yesterday I inject myself and I am gonna get those investigations at Saturday and vaccinate on 4 days after that doesn't that b so late for vaccination ???

answered Nov 22, 2015 by zhela omer
commented Nov 22, 2015 by admin Doctor of Medicine (10,059 points)
According to the literatures, Postexposure prophylaxis for HIV is to be taken within 3 days. Vaccine for hepatitis B is effective if given within 7 days of exposure. But it should be taken preferably within 48 hours.