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Hello and good day.
Sorry this is a bit lengthy.
 I've been having a problem now for the past 4 and a half years with 'all' of my joints. I am a 29 year old female. Never had a child. I have been to so many doctors. The entire test came back inconclusive of a diagnosis.  The Rheumatologist that I saw did a complete urine analysis and it came back showing great volumes of calcium oxalate which explained cloudiness when I urinate.  Now I have been seeing a bone surgeon who does not think it is serious because the MRI results that I did came back normal.  He has recommended a physiotherapist. I have only been to 4 sessions. I have gotten worse as a result.  My symptoms include a severe rush of cutting pain in the joints. It is as if there is sharp piece of bone that is cutting trough to the flesh.  Then with this pain, comes instant immobility. There is a feeling as if something is going to snap or break. Also I have a lot of crack/pop in the joints mainly in the hips which are the worse part. The spine has swollen in the middle of my back a few times.  I have severe muscle spasms especially in the toes when it is in water for some time or when I wear certain slippers.  I can barely move around.  Few months ago, a different Rheumatologist/Lupus expert, diagnosed me with Seronegative Spondyloarthropathy. After a month, I went back for a follow-up. She then gave me another full body examination. She was then concerned that I have fibromyalgia. But thinks something else may also be wrong, not ruling out Seron. Spondyloarthropathy at the same time. No certain determination has been made that I have this. The only thing that doctor mention, along with my stated symptoms, was that the problem may be in my lumbar spine. During this time, she sent me to a spine doctor to examine my x-rays and to do a body she was not very sure about what was going on. She took me off of the anti-inflammatory medications since they were not working. To this day, I have so much pain and have to be using a walking stick to balance myself and to climb up stairs, etc. I still experience frequent muscle spasms in even more places and my swelling everyday in the muscles between my collar bone and shoulder. There is also swelling at the upper-middle part of my spine area each day. This caused it to be very difficult to bend over and move around without a pinching pain. I don’t have the means to go see a doctor now, as the expense is unattainable. What could be going on with me health, and could the doctor be correct with her diagnosis? (Lupus has been ruled out. Thyroid seemed normal). Recently after going to the clinic for newer symptoms, the only thing that has been requested is for me to do an electromyography test. At that time, I had brought back a hemo. report which showed more than twice elevated amount of CPK in the blood. Still, I am experiencing some discomforting pain of what it I think is my chest muscles and rib cage on the left side. Sometimes that interrupts with how deeply I breathe. Sometimes it feels like my chest is to tight. I don't suffer from stress or anxiety. Also can’t get rid of a chronic dry it’s in both ears. It happens daily. Sometimes feel spot pain in bottom of left foot that can be so sharp. Now, I have a recurrent pulse-like pressure inside my right nostril. Don't have a cold or stuffy nose. It last about 10 seconds at a time. It has been this way for a couple weeks now. It's only in the right nostril. All that I have mentioned may sound a lot and a maybe trivial, but this is what I am experiencing. I don’t pay attention to pain so easily, but when they feel strange and frequent, I take note. Sometimes I get such heavy pressure in my head especially when I lay on my stomach, at which I have to quickly sit upright. I went to the doctors about these, but no help so far. I need some advice.
Lately, I have been having pains around my heart, especially when I lay at night.
It forces me to get up. I have also been getting a lot worse with the pains in my upper left shoulder muscles and from there down to the muscles of the left side of my back. I have been trying to get help from doctors at my local hospital, but they don’t take the situation seriously. I have been prescribed anxiety medication. But I don’t suffer from anxiety or depression. Even as of late, person’s have seen the swelling come up high and tight at my left shoulder blade, and noticing it going back down within half an hour. The enter muscle of the left side of my back rises high than the right side and get so hard, it feels like a bone. And trying to touch it is so painful. And now, then spasms in my toes have increased. I have done recent blood test, but they come back normal and without evidence of antibodies. The only thing that shows in the test was high levels of CPK. For the scary heart related pains, I have done a 24 hour monitor test, and its normal.

Any Idea what could be going on? No one knows and I am getting worse. I need some real help. Thank You.
Please send me ur CRP and HLA B27 reports n upload xrays of spine n pelvis. Or email drbinitvaidya@yahoo.com
I may need reports of anti RNP antibody.

Dr Binit Vaidya,

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As your doctor diagnosed, looks like a spondyloarthropathy to me. But I was also thinking about sarcoidosis.

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