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I need to remember both the major and minor criteria
I don’t know much but this is what wiki says. Chronic rheumatic heart disease (RHD) is characterized by repeated inflammation with fibrinous resolution. Rheumatic heart disease is a disease of the heart that is caused by infection with group a beta-hemolytic streptococcus bacterium (GAS).

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Rheumatic fever.
Revised Jones criteria JONES PEACE
Major criteria:
•J oints: migratory
•O (heart shaped) Carditis: new onset murmur
•N odules, subcutaneous: extensor surfaces
•E rythema marginatum
•S ydenham's chorea.
Minor criteria:
•P R interval, prolonged
•E SR elevated
•A rthralgias
•C RP elevated
•E levated temperature (fever)
*Need 2 major or 1 major and 2 minor criteria, plus evidence of recent GAS infection (throat cx, rapid antigen test, or rising strep antibody titer).
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Major (**SPACE**):
**S**ubcutaneous nodules
**M**igratory polyarthritis
**S**ydenham chorea
**E**rythema marginatum

Minor (**LEAF**):
**E**SR increased

Source: http://medchrome.com/basic-science/pathology/rheumatic-fever-rheumatic-heart-disease/
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Major criteria: **CANCER**
**R**heumatic anamnesis

Minor criteria: **CAFE PAL**
**C**RP increased
**E**levated ESR
**P**rolonged PR interval
**A**namnesis of rheumatism
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Nodule subcutaneous
Syndhm chorea
Inflamatory cel-leucocytes
Elevated CRP nd ESR
Raisd PR intrvl
It self i.e.carditis
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Rheumatic Hear Disease can occur due to the complication of Rheumatic Fever. It damages the valves of the heart and has permanent injury on the valves of the heart.  Learning about this condition to prevent them from happening is very useful for everyone.
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