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I know it stops respiration but how?

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Chronic lung diseases cuase chronic general asphyxia (Increased PCO2 and Decreased PO2) due to decreased alveolar ventilation. And it is characterized by:

 - respiration is stimulated by both decreased PO2 and increased PCO2
 - persistent hypercapnia leads to decreased response of breathing center to CO2 due to increased HCO3- transfer from blood to CSF
 - hypoxia is the means for respiratory drive

Hence, if the hypoxic drive is lost due to excessive O2 therapy, respiration stops.
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From Our Facebook page "[Medical Online Magazine][1]" :

**Asmira Basic:** Because it may worsen hypercapnia in some situations.

**Samir Ratna Bajracharya:** excess of O2 might cause depression of the respiratory center in the brain causing respiratory failure.

**Shanti Gurung:** because low arterial oxygen level is the client's primary drive for breathing.

[1]: https://www.facebook.com/medchrome

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