How to remember the causes of Hyperkalemia?

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3 Answers


Use this mnemonic "RED FETS"

Renal disease: ARF, CKD, Type IV RTA
Excessive intake: food, K+ iv fluids, Blood transfusion
Drugs: K+ sparing diuretics, K+ salts of penicillin
Factitious: Prolonged use of torniquet, Hemolysis
Endocrine: Addison's disease
Tissue release: Rhabdomyolysis, burns, hemolysis, cytotoxic therapy
Shift out of cell: Acidosis, B antagonists, Insulin deficiency, Tissue damage

answered Jun 14, 2012 by admin Doctor of Medicine (9,909 points)

Here is another one: "MACHINE"
M - Medications - ACE inhibitors, NSAIDS
A - Acidosis - Metabolic and respiratory
C - Cellular destruction - Burns, traumatic injury
H - Hypoaldosteronism, hemolysis
I - Intake - Excesssive
N - Nephrons, renal failure
E - Excretion - Impaired

answered Jun 14, 2012 by Mike Junior Resident (2,007 points)

Signs and Symptoms of Increased Serum K
M - Muscle weakness
U - Urine, oliguria, anuria
R - Respiratory distress
D - Decreased cardiac contractility
E - ECG changes
R - Reflexes, hyperreflexia, or areflexia

answered May 8, 2013 by anonymous