Mnemonics for pancreatitis

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I have very less time to prepare for my exams so i need mnemonics to remember pancreatitis causes and morphology or anyother relevant things

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I have simple mnemonics for causes, pathogenesis and morphology of pancreatitis.

Gall stones
Shock, Scorpion sting
Mumps, Mycoplasma pneumoniae
SPINK1, PRSS1 mutation
Hypercalcemia, Hyperlipoproteinemia
Drugs (Thiazides, Valproate)

Pathogenesis: DAD
1. Duct obstruction
2. Acinar cell injury
3. Defective intracellular transport

Morphology of Chronic pancreatitis: DAD
1. Desmoplasia
2. Atrophy
3. Dilated ducts

Hope it helps. Best of luck.

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Drugs causing pancreatitis: SAVED IMP
S: Sulindac
A: Azathiporine, Acetaminophen
V: Valproate
E: Estrogen
D: Diuretics, Dideoxynosine

I: Isoniazid
M: Metronidazole, Methyldopa
P: Phenytoin, Procainamide
commented Jul 14, 2012 by Sulabh Shrestha Doctor of Medicine (5,553 points)
Modified Glasgow Scoring system of severity prediction in acute pancreatitis: PANCREAS

P: PaO2 (<60 mmHg)
A: Age (>55 yrs)
N: Neutrophils/WBC (>15x10^9/L )
C: Calcium (<2 mmol/L)
R: Raised urea (>16 mmol/L)
E: Enzymes LDH (>600 units/L) and AST (>200 units/L)
A: Albumin (<32 g/L)
S: Sugar/Glucose (>10 mmol/L)

3 or more positive criteria constitute severe disease.