What are the meanings of the terms priming, self-taming and phase 2 block in anesthesia?

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1 Answer


Priming: Administration of a small sub-paralyzing dose of non-depolarizing agent (10% of intubating dose) is given 2-4 minutes before administering a 2nd large dose for tracheal intubation; this priming technique accelerate the onset of non-depolarizing NM blockade by 30-60 seconds.

Self-taming: Succinylcholine cause muscle fasciculation which can be reduced or abolished by the administration of a smaller dose of succinylcholine before the administration of the bolus.

Phase II block: On prolonged exposure to succinylcholine the characteristics of the block change and features of non-depolarizing blockade appear.

answered May 11, 2013 by Mike Junior Resident (2,007 points)