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I need mnemonics related to rashes in children

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Red and scaly rash: **PMs PETAL**
**P**ityriasis rosea or versicolor
**M**ycosis fungoides
**A**nnular erythemas
**L**upus erythematosus and Lichen Planus

Red rash without scale: **U CAVED**
**A**nnular erythema
**V**iral exanthem, Vasculitis
**E**rythema nodosum, Erythema multiforme
**D**rug reaction

Pustules: **II**
**I**nfective: viral, bacterial, fungal
**I**nflammatory: psoriasis, drug reaction

Blisters: **ICI**
**I**nflammatory and Immunological
**C**ontact dermatitis
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Day of Appearance of Rash in Febrile patient

Very Sick Person Must Take Double Tablets

**V**ery – Varicella (day 1)
**S**ick – Scarlet fever (day 2)
**P**erson – Pox – small pox (day 3)
**M**ust – Measles (day 4)
**T**ake – Typhus (day 5)
**D**ouble – Dengue (day 6)
**T**ablets – Typhoid (day 7)

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