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**Hernias of Abdominal Wall Think of the abdomen as a bucket,
or PAIL that contains the viscera. These are the four groups of hernias:**

Pelvic hernias: obturator, perineal, sciatic
Anterior hernias: epigastric, incisional, Spigelian, supravesical,
Inguinal hernias: indirect, direct, femoral
Lumbar hernias: inferior lumbar triangle (Petit), superior lumbar
triangle (Grynfelt)

**Hernias: abdominal wall: pelvic The end products of
metabolism that are released through the pelvis, are "Pee Or Stool":**

Perineal hernia
Obturator hernia
Sciatic hernia

**Hernias: abdominal wall: lumbar triangles (with eponyms)**

Petit aka Inferior lumbar triangle
Grynfelt aka Superior lumbar triangle

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